Definition of energy:

What is energy: in definition its the strength and vitality for sustained physical or mental activity. Power derived from the utilization of physical and chemical resources.

Our body uses these methods to transfer energy among each other and the world, it happens constantly, and all around us. It’s how we see life as we know it. But seems like positive energy is hard to maintain. We usually don’t think about the energy we put out into the world. Always what we take in, and Without conviction we send it right back out there. A constant flow of negative energy that can’t be cut off just stopped and restarted. The energy we build up in our conscious becomes the energy we need to proceed towards life, so the type of individual you are is the type of energy you produce in the world. Say your a cool levelheaded person who actually give a dam about someone besides yourself, that energy is passed on just by a gesture or a kind act. The way the world is today thoe people use that energy to deceive and mislead, but remember this type of energy can be felt such as a bad vibe or someone seeming fake. In order for us to really see the importance of renewable energy for growth and evolution, it will always seem out if reach. If we could put in our minds to have conviction, understanding, and forgiveness we would be able to process our renewable energy, the energy we put out in this world. It’s up to us and always been up to us, we have the power to make it happen. But we must stand together and keep charging forward for a better future.

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